The “Almost Human” e-sticker designs by Sam Lo (left) and Rae brings each of the artist’s urban perspectives in both of their worlds to create a medium for self-expression.

Singapore, 19 April 2021 – Singapore’s top virtual influencer, digital artist and street culture enthusiast, Rae ( proudly unveils “Almost Human”, an 8-piece limited edition e-sticker pack designed in collaboration with Singaporean contemporary street artist, Sam Lo, or known by the moniker, skl0. The e-stickers recasts popular emojis and phrases in a cool, urban art style, creatively designed for users to express themselves candidly.

This marks the first time a virtual influencer has collaborated with a street design artist, illustrating more possibilities of how the “real” and “virtual” worlds can intersect. The “Almost Human” e-sticker designs by Sam Lo and Rae brings each of the artist’s urban perspectives in both of their worlds to create a medium for self-expression. As a virtual being and digital artist, Rae’s passion for street culture positions her as an ambassador to introduce real-world urban art in the digital space; popularising and sharing them with her fans and the wider online community.

Fans of Rae and Sam Lo can use the highly expressive and colourful e-stickers across popular social media and communication platforms such as Instagram stories, Telegram and WhatsApp, to share their emotions in a light-hearted manner (please refer to Annex for more info on how to search and download the RaexSamLo e-stickers).

Sam Lo is a contemporary artist whose works revolve around social commentary, fuelled by Sam’s daily observations of everyday life. Sam has been actively involved in large scale murals, creating major public installations, as well as other digital platforms. Sam’s most recent work include “Dancing in Unison” at Broadway Hotel in Little India. It is one of the tallest art murals in Singapore, created in collaboration with Indian artist Bhajju Shyam for Singapore Art Week’s ARTWALK. 

“When I first followed Rae, I saw a character who was unafraid to experiment in order to learn more about the world around her. ‘Almost Human’ is inspired by Rae’s spirit of reinvention as a virtual being. She is honest about her emotions and experiences even while navigating her path across two different worlds. This e-sticker series is an honest take on life – that sometimes it is okay to not be okay, that to even get to happiness sometimes we get hurt along the way. I hope the stickers can play a part in people’s lives, helping to tell their day-to-day stories in a more honest way and appreciating that we can be stronger, as a result of our own unique life experiences,” said Sam Lo.

“I was really excited to get together with Sam to find some inspo from our ‘real vs virtual’ worlds. These ‘Almost Human’ e-stickers reflect Sam’s and my imaginative take on human being vs being human. Being human is about constantly learning, growing and feeling emotions. As a virtual being, I’m not cray about becoming a complete human being. But I have my share of life-like experiences, thoughts and feelings. Being almost human will always shape my definition of reality. I hope people will share these stickers with their friends and loved ones. They are in a way, little reminders that being human is about staying true to ourselves and becoming better versions of ourselves!” enthused Rae.

The “Almost Human” e-stickers can be used on Instagram stories, Telegram and WhatsApp.
The "Almost Human" e-sticker series is inspired by Rae’s (right) spirit of reinvention as a virtual being.

Annex - Win a customised skate deck spray painted by Sam Lo + 10 set of limited edition sticker giveaway

Sam Lo has customised an exclusive one-of-a-kind skate deck featuring one of the “Almost Human” sticker designs. One lucky winner will walk away with the customised skate deck in a giveaway on Rae’s Instagram (IG) account, There are also 10 sets of “Almost Human” limited edition print stickers to be won. The giveaway closes on Monday, 26 April 2021. Winners of the skate deck and stickers will be announced via Rae’s IG profile.

How to participate in the giveaway:

1) Download the e-stickers pack from

·         WhatsApp:

·         Telegram:

·         Instagram Stories: Search “RaexSamLo” on GIF menu

2) Follow Rae on Instagram (

3) Comment on Rae’s giveaway post (on 19 April) with the hashtag #RaexSamLo and tag as many friends as you like.

4) Double your chance of winning when you use any of the #RaexSamLo stickers in your Instagram Story and tag

5) Remember to set your profile to public.

Rae has been making waves since late 2020

Since her debut in October 2020, Rae has amassed a following of more than 2.3K followers on Instagram and over 280K followers on Weibo. In January 2021, Rae was featured in a cover photoshoot with China’s number one female rapper VaVa (@vava.mis). Rae is also the first virtual influencer to be styled by Asia’s top hair styling maestro and celebrity hairstylist, Kim Robinson. Last year, Rae made her fashion debut fronting the 2020 campaign for cult label Monsoon Patrol, followed by a collaboration with sneaker designer Mark Ong (@mr_sabotage) to launch a sold-out SBTGxRae capsule collection. Rae was also featured on Team Night Owl Cinematics’ YouTube and Instagram pages.